Pumps Bearings

Pumps Bearings

When it comes to pumps, bearings play an important role. At BDH International, we understand that our pumps bearings are used for a variety of speeds and loads and in myriad applications. That is why we manufacture high-standard products that meet ISO standards.

Features of Our Pumps Bearings

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As mentioned before, our pumps bearings are used for applications such as power generation, water supply, water treatment, and oil and gas pipelines. Every application is unique and our clients are requested to mention their specific needs or look for products that exactly meet the specification they have in mind.
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Equipment safety

In industries all over, it is extremely important to keep equipment safe. As pumps bearings first choice, BDH International, we take all precautions to maintain equipment safety for our clients.
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High-Grade Raw Materials

Our pumps bearings are also known for the high quality of raw materials that are used. Our engineers not just meet safety standards, they also make sure that all the materials used are of the highest standards.
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Longer Service Life

Another feature of our pumps bearings is that they enable applications to have a longer service life. Since they are commonly used in water treatment plants, one can expect an increase in life expectancy.
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Less Friction

Less friction is another characteristic of our pumps bearings which leads to low levels of corrosion.
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To avoid contamination, it is extremely critical for us as pump bearing manufacturers to have sealing property on our products. This ensures high-speed rotation as well as less contamination.
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High precision

When it comes to the performance of pumps, high precision pumps bearings are an essential component. Our engineers at BDH International ensure that the products manufactured are of high precision to meet the industry's needs in the most practical ways.
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A Solution for Every Need

As pumps bearing exporters trusted by companies across the world, we understand that industries may have unique loads and speeds that have to be of specific requirements. That is why our engineers work hard at making sure that customisation happens so that there is a solution for every need.

We have a good selection of pump bearings all built to high standards. Get in touch with us if you have any enquiries or if you want our technical assistance to find the right product for your needs.