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Motor Bearing

In any kind of electric motor, the importance of motor bearings cannot be ignored. Most of the failures in electric motors can be attributed to the malfunctioning of the bearings. That is why we at BDH International provide high-quality motor bearings that not just stick to ISO standards, but are also made with an eye to precision and detail.

In an electric motor, the main purpose of the motor bearing is to locate and support the rotor, to make sure that the air gap is consistent and small, and to transfer the load from shaft to motor. As the motor bearing industry in India, BDH International takes it upon itself to have products that minimise friction and are operating at both low and high speeds. Also, our motor bearings require little or no maintenance which is a plus point for industries that use them.

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Features Of Our Motor Bearings

As leading motor bearing exporters the world over, BDH International provide motor bearings that have some unique features:

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Highly Lubricated

This is one of the premium features of our motor bearing. Lubrication is a must for most types of bearings and more so with this variety. We use only high-quality lubricants which ensure that our motor bearings work perfectly and cause the least amount of friction.

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Less Corrosion

The lesser the friction, the lesser the corrosion. No matter what purpose or application our product is used for, less corrosion is something that can be expected every time

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Different Weights And Forces

Our motor bearings are manufactured keeping in mind the various unique requirements of applications. When customised, they can be used in applications with different weights and forces.

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The Operating Environment

At BDH International, as a leading name in motor bearings, we understand that the operating environment plays a very important role in the machination process and hence our products can be used in a wide variety of temperatures and environments. Contamination is a serious issue with many industries and if motor bearings from us are chosen with seals or shields, it can be prevented.

Get in touch with us at BDH International. As a well-known motor bearing manufacturer, we can assure you of the best products at the best prices. We also will provide technical assistance if you are having difficulty figuring out the right bearings for a particular application.

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