Automotive Bearings

Automotive Bearings

The automobile industry requires efficiency every step of the way and that is where our automotive bearings come in. Our automotive bearings are light in weight, smaller in size, and high in robustness. This makes them the perfect choice to meet the automobile standards for the future. BDH International offers a wide range of bearings for the automotive industry including bikes, scooters, motor cycles, e-bikes, rickshaw, car, commercial heavy vehicles, etc.

Features Of Our Automotive Bearings

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Promotes High Efficiency

As automotive bearing manufacturer, we understand how important vehicular efficiency is in the industry. That is why our engineers have designed automotive bearings that are set to meet the ISO standard.
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Improved Torque

As automotive bearing exporter of choice for several automobile companies in the world, our bearings improve torque and therefore the speed of the vehicles they are used in.
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Locally Produced

BDH International manufacture the automotive bearings in Gujarat which makes them completely Indian-made.
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Good Quality Raw Materials

What makes our automotive bearings special is the attention paid to sourcing the right raw materials. Bearings for the automobile industry should be lightweight and that is why we use specific metal to make sure this adage can be maintained.
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Reduction Of Friction

Our automotive bearings are known for reducing friction so that vehicles that use them can run smoothly and more efficiently.
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Durable And Reliable

Many times automobiles face extreme conditions and parts are expected to withstand them. This includes extreme temperatures. Our automotive bearings are durable and highly reliable.
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Maintenance of compliance is something the automobile industry is expected to do at all levels. Our automotive bearings meet the highest safety standards for automotive applications.
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Automotive bearings are used in two wheelers, light-load trucks and other light vehicles in the industry.
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Technical Assistance

Sometimes our clients do not know exactly what kind of automotive bearing to use for a particular application. At BDH International, we provide technical assistance to make sure that our engineers provide our clients the best knowledge so that they can make their selection easily.
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Quality Automotive Bearing Exporters

BDH International are well-known exporters and we export our bearings all over the world. We follow the stringent ISO standards so that we are able to meet the requirements of the automobile industry. If you are looking for high-grade automotive bearings for an application, let us know your specific requirements and we will certainly be able to help you.